Nancy Agabian is the author of Princess Freak, acollection of poems and performance texts, and theArmenian-American memoir Me as her again. She spent2006-07 in Yerevan; during that time she wrote(An)daratsutian Mej with Shushan Avagyan and LaraAharonian and led the Armenian Women’s Writing Workshop, which resulted in the anthology Matnashunch.

Ode to the Panic Attacks

I don't have the excuse of youth
anymore to justify my lack of life
experience and real soul accomplish
ment like traveling to countries


That is why I am telling
you women are naturally open
with their feelings and men
are naturally closed with
their feelings it is
the physical attributes
that dictate of course
exceptions do occur and
people can change
their holes.

A hundred and six houses

"These pieces were written in the aftermath of the U.S. Congressional recognition of the Armenian Genocide.  They also evolve out of personal circumstance: moving to a multicultural community and thus re-thinking the U.S. as a lost homeland.  I wrote them both as prose poems, but as I was revising "Gone Native", I realized there were some syllabic patterns happening, which I decided to enhance wit ...