Photographer` Nazik Armenakyan
Born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia, Karen Karslyan, 36 years of age, is a recent transplant in Los Angeles, CA. He has received PhD in English literature from Yerevan State Linguistic University. His teaching career at the university became short-lived as he decided to explore the world outside his homeland. His poems and short stories have been published in numerous periodicals based both in Armenia and beyond its borders. Karslyan published his first book at the age of 23. The book was, in fact, the 4th issue of the Armenian revolutionary Bnagir periodical comprising solely his poems and a minimalistic novel X Frames/Sec. Due to unabashed descriptions of sexual scenes and casual usage of obscene words, the author’s first book caused controversy in the conservative Armenian literary arena. It got banned in a few bookstores and became a hit among liberal audience. Karslyan is the winner of Young Artists Award 2004 (Yerevan, Armenia) for Password, his second novel which has been in progress for over 5 years now. His complete writings can be accessed FREE of charge at


translator: Margarit Tadevosyan-Ordukhanyan

Bathroom. He’d already showered, and was now staring into the mirror. First—work, then off to see his wit-stealer. By the door, he bent down, his eyes red, fixed on his feet, as he squeezed his them into his shoes. He quickly straightened up, erect like a penis, closed the door, passed through, was gone.


X is her nose sadly touching its reflection on the window pane when I looked at it from above standing behind her as rain drops bombarded our street

Love At Every Sight

translator: Margarit Tadevosyan-Ordukhanyan

I wrote my first poem
With my steps
When as a student struck down by my mad infatuation
I roamed the streets and alleys of my city
Writing the long name of my beloved with the trajectory of my steps
I wore out entire neighborhoods under my feet memorizing the sequence of the gigantic letters