Dan Disney

Dan Disney grew up in Gippsland, in south-eastern Australia. He has worked in paddocks, warehouses, psychiatric institutions, and universities, and divides his time between Melbourne, and Seoul, where he currently teaches 20th century poetry at Sogang University. Alongside poems, Dan Disney’s great love is wandering, which often leads to places of sublime strangeness – the docks of Casablanca, where he felt like a morsel in a lair; drinking ‘til sunrise with the king of wind-bitten, north-western Irish island; collectively seasick with 300 Russian pilgrims on their way across the White Sea; being instructed on how to fly (unaided) by a Burmese monk. He once had lunch in William Wordsworth’s old room at Cambridge; he once was called a prick by a somewhat famous Hollywood director. He was arrested in Prague when it was the capital of Czechoslovakia, and interrogated by border guards in Turkey, Belarus and Laos. He has stood at the foot of Immanuel Kant’s statue and watched an undercover drug bust, and sat on the doorstep of Martin Heidegger’s Black Forest hutte in the rain. He feels comforted to know the world is big enough to contain more wonders than he’ll ever wonder at, more poems than he’ll ever be able to poem.