Was born in Tehran before her family repatriated in Armenia in 1975. One of the founders of the literary journal Inknagir. The author of five  books of poems, Grigoryan has won the Writers’ Union of Armenia poetry award for [True, I’m Telling the Truth] (1991), and the Golden Cane prize in literature for [The City] (1998). Her poems have been anthologized in France, and in the English-language collections The Other Voice: Armenian Women’s Poetry Through the Ages (2006) and Deviation: Anthology of Contemporary Armenian Literature (2008).

The Reverberation of the Broken Mirror’s Fragments

translator: Tamar Boyadjian

literature became a hostage to authority and the capitalist market. Under these new circumstances, Inknagir Literary Magazine formulated its literary independence, also adhering to the principle of remaining a separate forum from those of mainstream demands, and to not pay homage to either market populists or elitist tendencies.

The City

translator: Margarit Tadevosyan-Ordukhanyan

And I will sprawl over your pages, I’ll hide away between the lines, in your words’ boiler or in the attic of the title, or in the outhouse of the drafts….
Born of one mother or two fathers, we are two orphans, sister and brother, but man and wife we shall become, and be each other’s canopy, two bodies welded into one, we’ll live in love, in shame and incest, we’ll live sex-ridden and diseased, blind to the staring gaze of others, condemned and voiceless outcasts, unwed and sinful, dragged by the water and the wind, wrapped in one skin, boxed in one body, turned into one hermaphrodite….


translator: Margarit Tadevosyan-Ordukhanyan

I'll bring my mouth close to yours,
I'll cover you with my lips,
And my inquisitive tongue will search your entire body
in order to seek, find, and savor the beehive honey.
Oh, how luscious and sensual are the lips of my love!

Unfinished Ode: Upon the Clitoris

translator: G. M. Goshgarian

Clit-clit-clitoris mine,
my itty-bitty fidgeter,
my voiceless little stammerer,
my tongueless little twitterer,
my curly-haired baby bull,
my gluttonous little gullet,

Harem Rose

translator: G. M. Goshgarian

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