“We must take a different approach,” and looking at me, continued: “Comrade Arman has come up with an unexpected solution. In spite of its fantastic nature, it seems quite interesting.” Lenin took his place at the table. Everybody was looking attentively at me. After a pause, I stated confidently:
“The Tsar sympathizes with the proletarian revolution. He will make the announcement shortly.”



That is why I am telling
you women are naturally open
with their feelings and men
are naturally closed with
their feelings it is
the physical attributes
that dictate of course
exceptions do occur and
people can change
their holes.



translator: G. M. Goshgarian

Where does this moment lie? Should we look for it in "aristocratic Darwinism"? Can we discern it in the fiction of the people as a work of art, which is the very definition of "national-aestheticism"? Is it present from the outset, in the announcement and expectation of a new mythology? Or even earlier, in the philological definition of religion as mythological? These questions are plainly appropriate in the case of the Mehyan group, Zarian's participation in which was anything but an aberration. But they are also appropriate to the whole of the European adventure, the one that led from the discovery of mythology to National Socialism. No attempt to determine Nietzsche's place in this European trajectory can sidestep them. What are we to make of the affirmation of art? Is it to be confined to playing a denunciatory, deconstructive role? Or should it be placed back within the circuit of power, which is to be affirmed in its turn? The distinction between art as mourning and art as founding fiction is of no help here.


Love At Every Sight

translator: Margarit Tadevosyan-Ordukhanyan

I wrote my first poem
With my steps
When as a student struck down by my mad infatuation
I roamed the streets and alleys of my city
Writing the long name of my beloved with the trajectory of my steps
I wore out entire neighborhoods under my feet memorizing the sequence of the gigantic letters


Harem Rose

translator: G. M. Goshgarian

Worthy reader, after solving the following brain-teaser, you can compare your answer with the author's version of same (printed upside-down at the end). If yours matches hers, you win the "Harem Rose" prize. You can send other solutions to violet.grigoryan@inknagir.org . The best answers will be published in our review. Good luck! 7 virgins + 7 spoons + 7 young men + 7 pairs of heels + 7 old ha ...

Hello and goodbye

translator: Margarit Tadevosyan-Ordukhanyan

The two women bumped into each other in the hubbub of Amiryan street. The tall blonde, formally dressed and heavily made up, startled out of her highbrow, serious facial expression, smiled simply and broadly; the other, a short, plump woman, set down whatever she had in her hands, and threw herself into the other’s embrace. They had been college mates once, and hadn’t seen each other since graduat ...


translator: Margarit Tadevosyan-Ordukhanyan

 I have come here in order to destroy all other faiths, in order to make the thought soar higher than faith, and penetrate the truth. Buddha Shagyamuni Prince Gautama                                  “The train from Petersburg to Moscow is departing from Track 2,” a female voice announces in Russian from the station’s loudspeakers. To whom could that voice belong? A beautiful woman, no doub ...

Fence Me In: An "independent" Armenian’s view through the wire

They began to beat all the men with Kalashnikovs. Women were screaming. Then they arrested all the men, took them to a building on Nalbandyan Street (the Sixth Department of the Police [Department for the fight against organized crime]). We were like dangerous criminals, they were beating us. They ordered us to lie down on the dirty floor.


Bridges: Remembering Axel Bakunts

One military man told that before being gunned down in the Zangu ravine, Bakunts asked the firing squad for a cigarette, he smoked it to the end, holding the remaining part with sticks to smoke it too, to prolong his half-lived life with a puff