The concept of a monogamous marriage had to fail sooner or later: the future belongs to the new forms of communal coexistence, a kind of nomadic tribal living.

A hundred and six houses

"These pieces were written in the aftermath of the U.S. Congressional recognition of the Armenian Genocide.  They also evolve out of personal circumstance: moving to a multicultural community and thus re-thinking the U.S. as a lost homeland.  I wrote them both as prose poems, but as I was revising "Gone Native", I realized there were some syllabic patterns happening, which I decided to enhance wit ...

Fence Me In: An "independent" Armenian’s view through the wire

They began to beat all the men with Kalashnikovs. Women were screaming. Then they arrested all the men, took them to a building on Nalbandyan Street (the Sixth Department of the Police [Department for the fight against organized crime]). We were like dangerous criminals, they were beating us. They ordered us to lie down on the dirty floor.

Saroyan Again, With Fresno

It was a day like today, dark clouds threatening rain when we lived in different neighborhoods on opposite sides of that townthat we drove in our separate cars to meet on the streets of Fresnos West Side for a walk we had planned that morning. And we were there, tramping along together shouting and laughing in Armenian two lugubrious Armenian-American writers cursing and defining, agai ...

Bridges: Remembering Axel Bakunts

One military man told that before being gunned down in the Zangu ravine, Bakunts asked the firing squad for a cigarette, he smoked it to the end, holding the remaining part with sticks to smoke it too, to prolong his half-lived life with a puff